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Superbugs in Hospitals

Nosocomial Infections:

Do I consider there to be counter indications to nosocomial infections with the installation of a ‘Genetron Systems’ Living wall / ‘Breathing wall’ ecosystem in a recovery room of a hospital?

It is important to note, at this point that, not all living walls are equal. There may be other living walls being done; however, they may be soil based and do not have the Living-water ecosystem component, which is an integral part of the Genetron Systems living wall. Effectively, Genetron’s ecosystems achieve the status of a ‘High Order’ ecosystem…..this means the most complex, highly evolved ecosystem expression…..such an ecosystem provides the cleanest and healthiest conditions that nature is capable of, for the more highly evolved organisms and micro-organisms to live in. 

There are many reasons for a Genetron Systems ecosystem to very much counter nosocomial infections as well as speed up and strengthen the recovery of a patient, if in fact; Genetron Systems can create indoors the same conditions as that of nature’s highest expression outdoors.

If it can be agreed that the speed of and the strength of recovery of a patient could be tremendously accelerated in a pristine, clean, healthy outdoor tropical environment……where the patient is not put to any additional stress due adverse conditions of nature, such as, rain, wind or too much sun or heat….the perfect environment; then, it would be easy to understand and believe that this was also very true for the ‘Right’ indoor ecosystem.

There are many reasons why a Genetron Systems ecosystem has achieved this status.

Specifically, an ecosystem that can, or has achieved the ability, to ‘clean’ the air in a building: has, also the cleanest water imaginable, where lower forms of algae and pathogens are suppressed to a ‘Zero’ expression; is then by those terms, an extreme ‘High Order’ ecosystem, typically with a strong optimally healthy immune system at work ( an ecosystem immune system).

Being inside such an ecosystem, will tremendously influence and strengthen the immune system of a patient. The ecosystem can be seen as the womb and the patient, as the baby, inside that womb. In nature, the womb is the safest place that this most fragile fetus is able to grow and be protected from harmful micro-organisms or toxicity (from within its own body or from the outside). Let us also remember that our own bodies are in fact ecosystems that house billions of micro-organisms that co-operate with each other to allow us to be alive….without them, we could not exist. So, also, the womb has this co-operative of micro-organisms….only the whole of the body makes this, the most perfect ‘co-operative’…, by no means is this a sterile environment.

Humidity and Spores

1) Humidity

There has never been a problem with high humidity due to one of our ecosystems in a large enough space.
All buildings have humidifiers.

Club Monaco engineers thought that they could eliminate humidification in their HVAC system and save money. The ecosystem was supposed to supply ample humidity - so they thought; it never did and finally, in order to have enough humidity they had to install humidification into their HVAC system much later.

We will not be installing foggers. Misters, yes! Foggers are the only way to raise humidity very high rapidly in a space. Club Monaco had foggers but they still weren't enough. There were spikes of high humidity when the foggers were on, the humidity dropped very rapidly as soon as the fogger were off.

Also we will be keeping the water temperature within 4° C of the air temperature. As soon as the difference is greater than 4° C, either hotter or colder, evaporation begins to happen very rapidly. Within the 4°  C, virtually zero.

The only aggressive evaporation will come from the transpiration of the plants and the ceiling fans that will promote this to happen even faster. However, all of this amounts to no more than 30 persons breathing and the humidity that they would put into the air of that space.

So, I feel that from all the evidence and experience so far, there is no problem here!

Now, if we want to build in an 'extra certainty' safeguard; then all we need to do is to have a dehumidification system as part of the Genetron equipment that then also feeds the condensate water back into the system, saving on make-up water ( 'RO' water).

2) Spores & Endotoxins

In Biosphere II, spore counts went through the roof and stayed that way throughout. Also they had massive bacterial problems. Finally, Bios II had 600 times the allowable levels of nitrous-oxide.

Nitrous-oxide, basically is the fermentation of the 'soil' or substrate.

Precisely that; the ecosystem -- the soil -- was dying, fermenting and putting all kinds of pollutants into the air; to the point where any cleaning by the plants fell way behind.

So, instead of a 'nutrient dessert' typical of a 'high order' ecosystem, Bios II was a 'low order' dying, putrefying system that in no way could sustain life. Bios II used what I call the 'Frankenstein Approach' - sewing big chunks of flesh together and hoping it will live. It can not!

In our system, we let the system create its own soil - its own living flesh / skin. This is a fundamental building block of Genetron's system and is what allows us to achieve a 'high order' ecosystem - a 'nutrient dessert' - a system that reaches out for materials / nutrients to feed itself. It is a scrubber!

Tests done at Canada Life prove that the system works far beyond the expectations of the researchers ....and Canada Life's ecosystem is a very primitive version of what we can now achieve.

Dr. Chuck Pilger of U of T did all the spore count and endotoxin count tests for the Canada Life environment room. Unlike Bios II, spore counts were zero as well as the endotoxin counts. Outside of the room, in the rest of the building, spore counts were normal or very high ... spore counts are generally high in all normal buildings---- and even higher in not so normal ones!

The reason for such a low spore count is that spores are positively charged; the ecosystem and our own bodies are highly negatively charged. The ecosystem pulls "all" of these positively charged spores, as well as all other positively charged particles out of the air -- before our own bodies can do the same thing!
It isn't less than obvious that nature would design it to be this way.

The second point is that the system is packed full of mushrooms, fungi and molds. Now, the system being 'high order', lets the more exotic 'high order' specimens thrive; these then, displace the 'low order' species of fungi and molds, that find it harder and harder to compete and to survive in this environment.
PS: the 'low order' species of fungi and molds are the ones that are harmful to us!

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Indoor Air Quality and Sick Building Syndrome

Many homes have poor air quality. Some experts say the air in private homes may be worse than in public buildings. Heavily polluted air, especially in urban areas, as well as the air‑tight environments in today's energy‑efficient, better‑insulated buildings, contribute to this situation. Add to this the "dead zones" created by toxic fumes from such things as adhesives, paints and synthetic building materials, as well as the spores from moulds, and you really have a problem. Even when you take a shower, chlorine used to purify the water is released into the air as a gas. When you use cleaning materials, hair spray or even deodorant, chemicals are being evaporated into the air.
Sick building syndrome (SBS) is a condition where a significant number of people in a building experience acute discomfort such as fatigue, congestion, eye irritation and headaches when they are in the building. These people often feel better as soon as they leave the building. The causes of sick building syndrome are usually not recognizable and correction of sick building syndrome problems has been quite rare.

The planet is like a big body. When we create living spaces indoors they are like subsets of the body. So far all we've done is take life out of these living spaces creating "dead zones". No wonder there is no oxygen and we're dying in them and they're unhealthy. It is not enough to stick some plants into these very alien spaces.

Living Soil
Soil is a very complex, living tissue with billions of organisms in it. Potted plants become a negative contribution in an interior space. They can't sustain themselves as an ecosystem and they die. The plant reabsorbs only a small portion of the putrefying waste that occurs. It is important to understand that the studies done with plants to show them as air purifiers were done aeroponically using charcoal on the roots.

In perspective, the Biosphere is a thin film around the outer layer of the earth. The three centimeters of topsoil around the Biosphere is a film within a film where 90% of the living organisms on earth are found. In these three centimeters of topsoil we find the basis for life on earth where all the recycling and regeneration occurs. Outside when you move soil from one location to another the moved soil will graft itself to the soil in the new location. The challenge is how to have a "living soil" that will sustain itself indoors.

The Solution - Life Zones
Genetron's challenge was then to find a way to generate soil within alien "Martian environments" in the Interior "toxic dead zones" of our modem buildings. To do this we work with a hydroponic substrate and then allow our ecosystems to develop their own "living tissue" by recycling the vegetation that is shed and cropped from the system, which then becomes a mulch. We work from the bigger picture incorporating the intelligence of a high order ecosystem to create very clean waters and clean air.

Genetron's beautiful, tropical biomes create "life zones" in your home or office and work to counteract the limes in concrete and latex paints, and formaldehydes in carpeting from toxicity and from forming "airbatteries" that are energy drains.  Genetron Systems, using ecological engineering technology, has created the means to inject life and a healthy balance back into all living spaces by giving them an "ecosystem as a heart".

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Genetron Systems: Nature of the beast

The invention that I’ve discovered is based on a harmonic new technology between man and nature (ecosystems). It is not a ‘beast of burden’ - slam bang thank you mam’ - kind of technology.

Based on ‘chaos theory’, it is self organizing and self determining; we help it, it helps us!
I needed to create/build a structure that would allow this process/living entity/being to do what it does best, namely, ‘to solve problems’ - in order to survive - and thereby, implement its most fundamental process/application; ‘mutual symbiosis, expanding its ability to survive and to ‘harness its environment’.

The ‘high order ecosystem’ is the highest expression of this fusion, since, it is the most efficient/intelligent form, utilizing cooperation and high speed communication between infinite living organisms/cooperatives - communities, to solve its problems.

Interestingly, this is faster and more efficient than any mechanical/computer, as we know it, application.

An investment is required here, as in any new relationship!

As for a ‘low cost’ solution, it is the ultimate low cost solution, with the possibility of more benefits than we can begin to imagine.

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Ecosystemic Learning

The paradigm we operate in is a 24-hour clock set-up of tick, tick, tick which encompasses our lineal, mechanical and logical modes and our sense of reality thereof.

The new paradigm is "heart beat" thinking. We need to start to put forth in this new biological/ecosystemic self-organizing system .

Aspects of "Deep Ecosystemic Learning"
1) It cannot be a presentation style of teaching. It must be a talking through the heart or a talking to the "listening".

2) We move to inductive logic or thinking and away from deductive logic. This will create room for new information in an empty space or vessel as opposed to cramming information into an already full one.

3) Story telling via North American Indian shamanic style - open to magic and spirit world, thereby creating wonder which in turn creates trust and comfort in the unknown.

4) To embrace all things and to allow all things to be and to embody this by example and the information itself.

5) To create faith and love in the world around you to support you and to embody this by example and the information itself. Further, to love and support the "field" developing sensitivity and communication from the field and to the field.

6) The "field" as resonance and patterns of resonance reveals information of incoming events or parallel events The field as morphic resonance has information on all things that happened and all thoughts.

7) Finally, the "field" as morphic resonance supported by our connection to and in a living ecosystem allows us to access direct knowledge much more readily. By way of our alignment with a high-order ecosystem, particularly a man-created ecosystem, this access to direct knowledge gives rise to vastly more creative thoughts and deeper and much faster learning or instantaneous "whole learning".

8) This way of learning gives us clear understanding of our relationship to all things and instantaneous relationship to new events without separational judgement (or "fear"). We become powerfully centered.
Separational thought or reflection can always take place naturally after "whole learning" has occurred. We need to know that there is enough energy and information in the field, to trigger abundant deductive, separational rationalism and distinctions. A turn in this direction acts as a down spiral (or entropy), that dissipates our energies until we become exhausted.

So, we need to know how to enter a "down spiral", this "deductive rationalism" and exit whenever we want to, to get from it what we need and to get out instantaneously without such great sacrifice of energy as what we normally have encountered.

We need to visualize this as a jump into the ocean, submerging for a while but being popped back up to the surface like a cork. We need to know this to be so, instead of believing and creating the thought form - thus reality, of drowning and out fear of the deep - the unknown.

New reality is: "The deeper we dive the faster we pop up! via the ecosystem." All things support us to do so! How was it we forgot?

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Basic Summation of an Ecosystem:

Living things by their own definition have limited existences: no animals or plants can be guaranteed. They must grow, reproduce/regenerate, die, change and adjust to their given or new conditions and environment. Stress is inevitable; we've got to stress them - the weak will die for the betterment of the whole Ecosystem.
The most critical time is the first three years. We really nerd to equate an ecosystem in a building with the birth of a child. Outside, the Planet is the `Mother'. Inside the building, Genetron is the `Mother'. It is essential that Genetron be kept at close proximity the first three years.

It is advisable that Genetron continue to direct and raise the Ecosystem to full maturity. This process could take 20 to 50 years, with yearly improvement of the strength and function of the Ecosystem in the building. In nature this process will likely take more than a millennium.

Genetron Systems cannot guarantee that all plants and animals will survive or remain alive because the regenerated flora and fauna (for political correctness we use non-wild or human grown ones only) we use are inevitably hormone enhanced and chemically grown. The plants are the equivalent of drug addicts and the fish also have hormonal treatment and are fed with artificially enhanced food. None of the specimens are ecosystemic. Rather, they are opportunistic; virtually parasitic.

These plants and animals must be retrained to be ecosystemic. Due to the subsequent stresses of adjusting to their new conditions and environment, some will die. Most will readapt themselves and many will live with Genetron's support and planned adaptation program. The first three years consists of a weaning process to help the system to achieve self-sustainability and progress to a `High Order Ecosystemic' expression as opposed to an opportunistic or parasitic `Low Order Ecosystemic' expression.

Throughout this process Genetron will act as a "Refugia" to re-inoculate the Ecosystem with micro-organisms, duckweed, worms, detrivores, plants, fish and animals to achieve an optimum configuration. This may be seen as similar to mother's milk which has all the correct anti-bodies and micro-organisms to boost the baby's immune system.

So, in fact Genetron Systems will replace, build and add to the Ecosystem to take it through its most critical time; to maintain and nurture the system for three years and we will guarantee the proper functioning of the Ecosystem if we are allowed to maintain it to the best of our abilities.

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Kogi's Story

In Columbia, South America, in the Rainforest, there live Indians called the "Kogi". Unlike all other Indians, their culture was not totally decimated by the Spaniards. This was a very technically and culturally advanced tribe who were able to withdraw into the Rainforest and up into the mountains, where the Spaniards had great difficulty in pursuing then.

The Indians quickly assessed the situation and proposed a commerce with the Spanish. Having moved back from the lowlands and ocean, they needed salt to survive in the Rainforest. The Indians traded the gold used in their rituals for salt and fish.

The Spaniards steadily increased the Kogi's payments until the Indians had no gold left. Nevertheless, the Indians were able to keep their culture alive to the present day, however much reduced.

What is amazing about these people is the technology that they had. In the middle of the Rainforest their ruins have remained perfectly intact for over a thousand years and show no signs of wear. These people were able to get into such a perfect alignment with nature that the Rainforest didn't erode any of their construction.

We need to look at how they achieved this. All of the knowledge and culture of these people was controlled by the priests. The initiation of a priest involved being kept in a large hut with other initiates, from the age of five years old, for nine years. For nine years the initiates were kept apart from the world, in the dark, with only the elder priests coming in to teach them about the Rainforest and the world outside.

The imagination of the initiates was sensitized to an incredible degree, by the longing to be part of the world and the stories of the experiences of the priests.

Finally they were placed back into the world; the beautiful colors in the lush Rainforest, butterflies, buds and flowers. . .! What they saw and felt, the sensitivity that they had, and the knowledge and support given by the older priests to them, brought them into a much higher consciousness than ordinary men. This gave them the way to create such a harmonic and possibly, supremely ' powerful' technology.

These people call all the rest of us the "younger brother". They warn us that the "younger brother" must listen to the older brother or we will all die.

What I see, is that somehow, what has recreated itself for Humanity at large, as the "younger brother", is this "nine years in the dark but" .

In our desire to conquer nature we have alienated ourselves from and gone further and further into separation from nature. We have banished ourselves from "Eden" and into the 'dark hut'!

Interestingly, in our imagination our whole existence is about the return to Eden. This is true for all cultures and all religions.

So, in fact, the exploitation of Nature has brought us into the imagination and the 'dark hut'.

Some of us have had the guidance of the wise old priests of the "older brother", who were a very important part of the realization to completion of the process.

I believe that the sensitization is happening right now, but the higher consciousness can't come without the guidance to appreciate and to align with all the information, when we walk back out into the light and make our reconnection. Without the guidance the result could only be a simple information overload and once again a withdrawal from responsibility to that level.

This is what Genetron Systems is really all about; to guide people to alignment with nature, with the higher order ecosystem, the Rainforest, the most ancient knowledge on earth. The time has come that we must align ourselves with all of nature's highest, most evolved technologies. I believe we are giving birth to a vastly higher consciousness right now, on a planetary scale, just as the priests of the "Older Brother" had engineered themselves to do, for thousands of years already, on a small scale.

In fact, the 'younger brother' is already hearing the 'older brother'. Everything is already perfect. We are part of the perfection unfolding and will continue to be so.

Whether conquest of Nature and its 'Dark Hut' effect was planned or an accident amount to the sane thing; here we are ready to make the next leap ‑ 'very necessary leap' or just the 'next, inevitable leap'. Perhaps it will always be a mixture of both 'necessary and inevitable'.

Genetron's commitment is depicted in their logo Neptune's trident (as man) piercing the "Yin Yang" symbol, representing man's responsibility and purpose to achieve higher degrees of harmonics between the discordant forces.

We accept the challenge. Commitment and faith are required to create the mindset to integrate the diverse explosion of distinctions science has spawn to this point in time. This integration allows for complete expression and incorporation of every distinction into the whole. "A harmonic unity of expression achieves a new level of consciousness."

Our premise is "to create indoors what nature does best outdoors ‑ purifying and regenerating our living environment". Our work is based on "a high order, highly diversified ecosystem" which by definition is not reducible to its parts in any way, shape or form.

Conventional science has never been able to approach the sophistication of natural systems. Therefore, it must reduce a complex system to manageable components in order to study it under controlled conditions. By definition, the conventional scientific approach is reductionist. Ecological science, on the other hand, studies the whole system in its entire complexity.

Conventional science assumes that when an important element, mineral .or trace element is missing in an ecosystem the element becomes a limiting factor to growth in that ecosystem. Our experience leads us to believe that a high order ecosystem has phenomenal capabilities of correcting itself and finding ways of sustaining itself, growing into, invading, and altering the most adverse conditions, generating greater and greater life supportability. In other words, it has a remarkable ability "to bridge gaps".

By inviting conventional scientists to observe our work, we have extended the challenge to them. In collaborating with us we have asked them "to bridge the gap" and define, in their own terms, why high order ecosystems are so efficient.

All Genetron ecological systems feature land and water combinations with many varieties of land and water plants and animals. All units exhibit longevity and stability with minimal maintenance. "Chaos Theory" principles bring Genetron to technology where science and art merge: ultimate beauty and ultimate function. The focus of the systems technically is to provide pure water and pure air in systems that depress pathogens and low order organisms into zero or minimal expression.

Systems that control nature rapidly fall apart. The art of the future will be practical ‑ an expression of what is functional and what really works. Value-added, affordable quality becomes more and more important as we approach the 21st century. Technology that emphasizes efficient utility, while at the same time demonstrating beauty, will be the ultimate expression of the inter‑connection of everything in the universe or anti‑entropy.

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