Friday, December 7, 2012

Kogi's Story

In Columbia, South America, in the Rainforest, there live Indians called the "Kogi". Unlike all other Indians, their culture was not totally decimated by the Spaniards. This was a very technically and culturally advanced tribe who were able to withdraw into the Rainforest and up into the mountains, where the Spaniards had great difficulty in pursuing then.

The Indians quickly assessed the situation and proposed a commerce with the Spanish. Having moved back from the lowlands and ocean, they needed salt to survive in the Rainforest. The Indians traded the gold used in their rituals for salt and fish.

The Spaniards steadily increased the Kogi's payments until the Indians had no gold left. Nevertheless, the Indians were able to keep their culture alive to the present day, however much reduced.

What is amazing about these people is the technology that they had. In the middle of the Rainforest their ruins have remained perfectly intact for over a thousand years and show no signs of wear. These people were able to get into such a perfect alignment with nature that the Rainforest didn't erode any of their construction.

We need to look at how they achieved this. All of the knowledge and culture of these people was controlled by the priests. The initiation of a priest involved being kept in a large hut with other initiates, from the age of five years old, for nine years. For nine years the initiates were kept apart from the world, in the dark, with only the elder priests coming in to teach them about the Rainforest and the world outside.

The imagination of the initiates was sensitized to an incredible degree, by the longing to be part of the world and the stories of the experiences of the priests.

Finally they were placed back into the world; the beautiful colors in the lush Rainforest, butterflies, buds and flowers. . .! What they saw and felt, the sensitivity that they had, and the knowledge and support given by the older priests to them, brought them into a much higher consciousness than ordinary men. This gave them the way to create such a harmonic and possibly, supremely ' powerful' technology.

These people call all the rest of us the "younger brother". They warn us that the "younger brother" must listen to the older brother or we will all die.

What I see, is that somehow, what has recreated itself for Humanity at large, as the "younger brother", is this "nine years in the dark but" .

In our desire to conquer nature we have alienated ourselves from and gone further and further into separation from nature. We have banished ourselves from "Eden" and into the 'dark hut'!

Interestingly, in our imagination our whole existence is about the return to Eden. This is true for all cultures and all religions.

So, in fact, the exploitation of Nature has brought us into the imagination and the 'dark hut'.

Some of us have had the guidance of the wise old priests of the "older brother", who were a very important part of the realization to completion of the process.

I believe that the sensitization is happening right now, but the higher consciousness can't come without the guidance to appreciate and to align with all the information, when we walk back out into the light and make our reconnection. Without the guidance the result could only be a simple information overload and once again a withdrawal from responsibility to that level.

This is what Genetron Systems is really all about; to guide people to alignment with nature, with the higher order ecosystem, the Rainforest, the most ancient knowledge on earth. The time has come that we must align ourselves with all of nature's highest, most evolved technologies. I believe we are giving birth to a vastly higher consciousness right now, on a planetary scale, just as the priests of the "Older Brother" had engineered themselves to do, for thousands of years already, on a small scale.

In fact, the 'younger brother' is already hearing the 'older brother'. Everything is already perfect. We are part of the perfection unfolding and will continue to be so.

Whether conquest of Nature and its 'Dark Hut' effect was planned or an accident amount to the sane thing; here we are ready to make the next leap ‑ 'very necessary leap' or just the 'next, inevitable leap'. Perhaps it will always be a mixture of both 'necessary and inevitable'.

Genetron's commitment is depicted in their logo Neptune's trident (as man) piercing the "Yin Yang" symbol, representing man's responsibility and purpose to achieve higher degrees of harmonics between the discordant forces.

We accept the challenge. Commitment and faith are required to create the mindset to integrate the diverse explosion of distinctions science has spawn to this point in time. This integration allows for complete expression and incorporation of every distinction into the whole. "A harmonic unity of expression achieves a new level of consciousness."

Our premise is "to create indoors what nature does best outdoors ‑ purifying and regenerating our living environment". Our work is based on "a high order, highly diversified ecosystem" which by definition is not reducible to its parts in any way, shape or form.

Conventional science has never been able to approach the sophistication of natural systems. Therefore, it must reduce a complex system to manageable components in order to study it under controlled conditions. By definition, the conventional scientific approach is reductionist. Ecological science, on the other hand, studies the whole system in its entire complexity.

Conventional science assumes that when an important element, mineral .or trace element is missing in an ecosystem the element becomes a limiting factor to growth in that ecosystem. Our experience leads us to believe that a high order ecosystem has phenomenal capabilities of correcting itself and finding ways of sustaining itself, growing into, invading, and altering the most adverse conditions, generating greater and greater life supportability. In other words, it has a remarkable ability "to bridge gaps".

By inviting conventional scientists to observe our work, we have extended the challenge to them. In collaborating with us we have asked them "to bridge the gap" and define, in their own terms, why high order ecosystems are so efficient.

All Genetron ecological systems feature land and water combinations with many varieties of land and water plants and animals. All units exhibit longevity and stability with minimal maintenance. "Chaos Theory" principles bring Genetron to technology where science and art merge: ultimate beauty and ultimate function. The focus of the systems technically is to provide pure water and pure air in systems that depress pathogens and low order organisms into zero or minimal expression.

Systems that control nature rapidly fall apart. The art of the future will be practical ‑ an expression of what is functional and what really works. Value-added, affordable quality becomes more and more important as we approach the 21st century. Technology that emphasizes efficient utility, while at the same time demonstrating beauty, will be the ultimate expression of the inter‑connection of everything in the universe or anti‑entropy.

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