Friday, December 7, 2012

Superbugs in Hospitals

Nosocomial Infections:

Do I consider there to be counter indications to nosocomial infections with the installation of a ‘Genetron Systems’ Living wall / ‘Breathing wall’ ecosystem in a recovery room of a hospital?

It is important to note, at this point that, not all living walls are equal. There may be other living walls being done; however, they may be soil based and do not have the Living-water ecosystem component, which is an integral part of the Genetron Systems living wall. Effectively, Genetron’s ecosystems achieve the status of a ‘High Order’ ecosystem…..this means the most complex, highly evolved ecosystem expression…..such an ecosystem provides the cleanest and healthiest conditions that nature is capable of, for the more highly evolved organisms and micro-organisms to live in. 

There are many reasons for a Genetron Systems ecosystem to very much counter nosocomial infections as well as speed up and strengthen the recovery of a patient, if in fact; Genetron Systems can create indoors the same conditions as that of nature’s highest expression outdoors.

If it can be agreed that the speed of and the strength of recovery of a patient could be tremendously accelerated in a pristine, clean, healthy outdoor tropical environment……where the patient is not put to any additional stress due adverse conditions of nature, such as, rain, wind or too much sun or heat….the perfect environment; then, it would be easy to understand and believe that this was also very true for the ‘Right’ indoor ecosystem.

There are many reasons why a Genetron Systems ecosystem has achieved this status.

Specifically, an ecosystem that can, or has achieved the ability, to ‘clean’ the air in a building: has, also the cleanest water imaginable, where lower forms of algae and pathogens are suppressed to a ‘Zero’ expression; is then by those terms, an extreme ‘High Order’ ecosystem, typically with a strong optimally healthy immune system at work ( an ecosystem immune system).

Being inside such an ecosystem, will tremendously influence and strengthen the immune system of a patient. The ecosystem can be seen as the womb and the patient, as the baby, inside that womb. In nature, the womb is the safest place that this most fragile fetus is able to grow and be protected from harmful micro-organisms or toxicity (from within its own body or from the outside). Let us also remember that our own bodies are in fact ecosystems that house billions of micro-organisms that co-operate with each other to allow us to be alive….without them, we could not exist. So, also, the womb has this co-operative of micro-organisms….only the whole of the body makes this, the most perfect ‘co-operative’…, by no means is this a sterile environment.

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