Friday, December 7, 2012

Ecosystemic Learning

The paradigm we operate in is a 24-hour clock set-up of tick, tick, tick which encompasses our lineal, mechanical and logical modes and our sense of reality thereof.

The new paradigm is "heart beat" thinking. We need to start to put forth in this new biological/ecosystemic self-organizing system .

Aspects of "Deep Ecosystemic Learning"
1) It cannot be a presentation style of teaching. It must be a talking through the heart or a talking to the "listening".

2) We move to inductive logic or thinking and away from deductive logic. This will create room for new information in an empty space or vessel as opposed to cramming information into an already full one.

3) Story telling via North American Indian shamanic style - open to magic and spirit world, thereby creating wonder which in turn creates trust and comfort in the unknown.

4) To embrace all things and to allow all things to be and to embody this by example and the information itself.

5) To create faith and love in the world around you to support you and to embody this by example and the information itself. Further, to love and support the "field" developing sensitivity and communication from the field and to the field.

6) The "field" as resonance and patterns of resonance reveals information of incoming events or parallel events The field as morphic resonance has information on all things that happened and all thoughts.

7) Finally, the "field" as morphic resonance supported by our connection to and in a living ecosystem allows us to access direct knowledge much more readily. By way of our alignment with a high-order ecosystem, particularly a man-created ecosystem, this access to direct knowledge gives rise to vastly more creative thoughts and deeper and much faster learning or instantaneous "whole learning".

8) This way of learning gives us clear understanding of our relationship to all things and instantaneous relationship to new events without separational judgement (or "fear"). We become powerfully centered.
Separational thought or reflection can always take place naturally after "whole learning" has occurred. We need to know that there is enough energy and information in the field, to trigger abundant deductive, separational rationalism and distinctions. A turn in this direction acts as a down spiral (or entropy), that dissipates our energies until we become exhausted.

So, we need to know how to enter a "down spiral", this "deductive rationalism" and exit whenever we want to, to get from it what we need and to get out instantaneously without such great sacrifice of energy as what we normally have encountered.

We need to visualize this as a jump into the ocean, submerging for a while but being popped back up to the surface like a cork. We need to know this to be so, instead of believing and creating the thought form - thus reality, of drowning and out fear of the deep - the unknown.

New reality is: "The deeper we dive the faster we pop up! via the ecosystem." All things support us to do so! How was it we forgot?

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