Friday, December 7, 2012

Genetron Systems: Nature of the beast

The invention that I’ve discovered is based on a harmonic new technology between man and nature (ecosystems). It is not a ‘beast of burden’ - slam bang thank you mam’ - kind of technology.

Based on ‘chaos theory’, it is self organizing and self determining; we help it, it helps us!
I needed to create/build a structure that would allow this process/living entity/being to do what it does best, namely, ‘to solve problems’ - in order to survive - and thereby, implement its most fundamental process/application; ‘mutual symbiosis, expanding its ability to survive and to ‘harness its environment’.

The ‘high order ecosystem’ is the highest expression of this fusion, since, it is the most efficient/intelligent form, utilizing cooperation and high speed communication between infinite living organisms/cooperatives - communities, to solve its problems.

Interestingly, this is faster and more efficient than any mechanical/computer, as we know it, application.

An investment is required here, as in any new relationship!

As for a ‘low cost’ solution, it is the ultimate low cost solution, with the possibility of more benefits than we can begin to imagine.

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