Friday, December 7, 2012

Indoor Air Quality and Sick Building Syndrome

Many homes have poor air quality. Some experts say the air in private homes may be worse than in public buildings. Heavily polluted air, especially in urban areas, as well as the air‑tight environments in today's energy‑efficient, better‑insulated buildings, contribute to this situation. Add to this the "dead zones" created by toxic fumes from such things as adhesives, paints and synthetic building materials, as well as the spores from moulds, and you really have a problem. Even when you take a shower, chlorine used to purify the water is released into the air as a gas. When you use cleaning materials, hair spray or even deodorant, chemicals are being evaporated into the air.
Sick building syndrome (SBS) is a condition where a significant number of people in a building experience acute discomfort such as fatigue, congestion, eye irritation and headaches when they are in the building. These people often feel better as soon as they leave the building. The causes of sick building syndrome are usually not recognizable and correction of sick building syndrome problems has been quite rare.

The planet is like a big body. When we create living spaces indoors they are like subsets of the body. So far all we've done is take life out of these living spaces creating "dead zones". No wonder there is no oxygen and we're dying in them and they're unhealthy. It is not enough to stick some plants into these very alien spaces.

Living Soil
Soil is a very complex, living tissue with billions of organisms in it. Potted plants become a negative contribution in an interior space. They can't sustain themselves as an ecosystem and they die. The plant reabsorbs only a small portion of the putrefying waste that occurs. It is important to understand that the studies done with plants to show them as air purifiers were done aeroponically using charcoal on the roots.

In perspective, the Biosphere is a thin film around the outer layer of the earth. The three centimeters of topsoil around the Biosphere is a film within a film where 90% of the living organisms on earth are found. In these three centimeters of topsoil we find the basis for life on earth where all the recycling and regeneration occurs. Outside when you move soil from one location to another the moved soil will graft itself to the soil in the new location. The challenge is how to have a "living soil" that will sustain itself indoors.

The Solution - Life Zones
Genetron's challenge was then to find a way to generate soil within alien "Martian environments" in the Interior "toxic dead zones" of our modem buildings. To do this we work with a hydroponic substrate and then allow our ecosystems to develop their own "living tissue" by recycling the vegetation that is shed and cropped from the system, which then becomes a mulch. We work from the bigger picture incorporating the intelligence of a high order ecosystem to create very clean waters and clean air.

Genetron's beautiful, tropical biomes create "life zones" in your home or office and work to counteract the limes in concrete and latex paints, and formaldehydes in carpeting from toxicity and from forming "airbatteries" that are energy drains.  Genetron Systems, using ecological engineering technology, has created the means to inject life and a healthy balance back into all living spaces by giving them an "ecosystem as a heart".

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