Friday, December 7, 2012


Basic Summation of an Ecosystem:

Living things by their own definition have limited existences: no animals or plants can be guaranteed. They must grow, reproduce/regenerate, die, change and adjust to their given or new conditions and environment. Stress is inevitable; we've got to stress them - the weak will die for the betterment of the whole Ecosystem.
The most critical time is the first three years. We really nerd to equate an ecosystem in a building with the birth of a child. Outside, the Planet is the `Mother'. Inside the building, Genetron is the `Mother'. It is essential that Genetron be kept at close proximity the first three years.

It is advisable that Genetron continue to direct and raise the Ecosystem to full maturity. This process could take 20 to 50 years, with yearly improvement of the strength and function of the Ecosystem in the building. In nature this process will likely take more than a millennium.

Genetron Systems cannot guarantee that all plants and animals will survive or remain alive because the regenerated flora and fauna (for political correctness we use non-wild or human grown ones only) we use are inevitably hormone enhanced and chemically grown. The plants are the equivalent of drug addicts and the fish also have hormonal treatment and are fed with artificially enhanced food. None of the specimens are ecosystemic. Rather, they are opportunistic; virtually parasitic.

These plants and animals must be retrained to be ecosystemic. Due to the subsequent stresses of adjusting to their new conditions and environment, some will die. Most will readapt themselves and many will live with Genetron's support and planned adaptation program. The first three years consists of a weaning process to help the system to achieve self-sustainability and progress to a `High Order Ecosystemic' expression as opposed to an opportunistic or parasitic `Low Order Ecosystemic' expression.

Throughout this process Genetron will act as a "Refugia" to re-inoculate the Ecosystem with micro-organisms, duckweed, worms, detrivores, plants, fish and animals to achieve an optimum configuration. This may be seen as similar to mother's milk which has all the correct anti-bodies and micro-organisms to boost the baby's immune system.

So, in fact Genetron Systems will replace, build and add to the Ecosystem to take it through its most critical time; to maintain and nurture the system for three years and we will guarantee the proper functioning of the Ecosystem if we are allowed to maintain it to the best of our abilities.

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